Success Stories

Dear Animal Nutritional Products,

I needed to get in touch with your company and tell you what a huge difference this product called arthrimaxx has done for my Mimi, she means everything to me. I have had her since she was a little kitten and I have seen in the past 3 years or so that she was not the same. When I went to see my vet in California she did a few tests and said that she is just getting old and she has arthritis and prescribed this bottle of arthrimaxx, what a difference. In about two weeks she was acting like she did 5 years ago. She is able to jump back on the bed again from the floor and I noticed that when she comes down from the bed she doesn't go to the night table and then to the floor, now its right from the bed to the floor. And her demeanor is much better too. Anyway, thank you for making a great product and I will use it forever.

- Best regards, John Gerto

Dear Animal Nutrition Products,
I read the other letters that you feature every month and said to myself that I must write to you guys. I hate to sound like a broken record but this stuff is amazing (arthrimaxx). Again like everyone else my vet told me that this is the best product available and he just told me to try it. I thank him every time I see him. My dog Butkus is 13 years young again, like a puppy.I know you can't see it from the photo I sent you, but trust me he is chasing people that walk by our house, trying to catch birds and you name it. I have also been giving butkus this product called rimadyl and I am happy to tell you, he is off of it completely because of your product. By the way I'm trying the other product that is on your site called omegamaxx that I got from my vet. Hopefully I'll write you guys another letter soon, I'll keep you updated. Keep up the good work!

- Sincerely, The Coletti family