Frequently Asked Questions on ArthriMAXX™ for Dogs

How can I spot if my dog is suffering from Arthritis?

  • difficulty climbing stairs or getting into your car
  • problems getting up after lying down
  • tells you by crying, when they slip or fall
  • lags behind, limps and walks slowly

Did you know?

  • Osteoarthritis affects more than 8 million dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds every year
  • 1 out of every 4 dogs suffers from arthritis
  • Most dogs have some form of hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a degenerative joint disease in which the ball and socket do not fit each other well. This condition can cause the formation of bone spurs and in return cause inflammation and arthritis
  • Dogs are also affected with osteoarthritis or joint ailments from elbow dysplasia, accidents and old age
  • Cold weather may also cause arthritic or joint discomfort in your dog

Q: My vet gave me an NSAID for my dog. Will ArthriMAXX™ interfere with these NSAID's?
A: No, they can be used in conjunction with NSAID's. Over time, in many cases you can take your dog off of the NSAID and keep them on ArthriMAXX™ alone. Please check with a licensed veterinarian before you do this.

Q: Are there any side effects with ArthriMAXX™?
A: No, ArthriMAXX™ offers unparalleled safety and effectiveness. Since we have been in business, in 2001, we have not heard of nor experienced any adverse side effects in any animals.

Q: Where is ArthriMAXX™ made?
A: ArthriMAXX™ has been researched and developed in a state of the art laboratory in the United States. We possess an FDA and cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) license. All of our products go through a strict quality control for fungal and microbial tests, to make sure ArthriMAXX™ is free of pathogens.

Q: What is your source of glucosamine?
A: Our source of glucosamine is Hydrochloride which is the purest form of glucosamine. Our glucosamine is made out of shrimp, crab and lobster shells.

Q: What is your source of Chondroitin Sulfate?
A: Our Chondroitin Sulfate is made from the Bovine Trachea which is USDA certified and is of low molecular weight for higher absorption in the joints, which is supported by extensive research.

Q: My dog is allergic to animal proteins. Will ArthriMAXX cause an allergic reaction?
A: No, ArthriMAXX™ has less than 2% of animal proteins. As matter of fact, the flavor in ArthriMAXX™ is natural but contains no animal protein. It is made by the same company that makes the flavors for vegetarian Boca Burgers.

Q: My dog weighs 70 lbs. How long will ArthriMAXX last?
A: One 32 oz. bottle will serve any weight category. For a dog weighing between 50 and 100 pounds, ArthriMAXX will last approximately four weeks. Please refer to the chart on our products page for the weight of your dog and dosing per day.

Q: Can I buy ArthriMAXX from Petco or PetSmart or any online company?
A: No. ArthriMAXX is prescribed by a licensed veterinarian for a proper follow-up regime. If you find it on the internet, these companies are NOT licensed distributors of our product.

Frequently Asked Questions on ArthriMAXX™ for Cats

How can I spot if my cat is suffering from Arthritis?

  • unwillingness to be active, to jump, or to climb
  • pain response to being touched in joint areas
  • problems going to the litter box
  • positioned by a heated area for an extended period of time

Did you know?

  • A recent study published by The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association stated that 9 out of 10 cats over the age of 12 years old have joint problems 
  • Cats can have joint ailments from years of simply being agile and repeatedly landing hard on their legs                     
  • Cats are also affected with joint problems or osteoarthritis from elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, accidents and sprains at any age
  • Cold weather may also cause arthritic or joint discomfort in your cat
  • ArthriMAXX™ may be used as a preventative against other serious ailments or illnesses in your cat

Q: How long will the product last for my 10 lb. cat?
A: The product will fit any weight category. One 6 oz. bottle will last 4 months for up to a 13 lb. cat. In our example, we even have a daily dosing requirement for over a 20 lb. cat. See the daily dosing guide on the products page.

Q: I have a diabetic cat. Does ArthriMAXX™ have any sugar in it?
A: No. ArthriMAXX™ does not contain any sugar. For palatability, we use a natural chicken flavor.

Q: My vet gave me NSAID's and other types of medications for my cat, will ArthriMAXX™ interfere with them?
A: No. ArthriMAXX™ has no reported adverse side effects. Always discuss this with your veterinarian.

Q: Can I buy ArthriMAXX™ at Petco or PetSmart?
A: No. ArthriMAXX™ is prescribed by a licensed veterinarian for a proper follow-up regime. If you find it on the internet, these companies are NOT licensed distributors of our product.

Q: Can I administer it directly into my cat's mouth instead of putting it on the food?
A: Yes. Although, the product was not made to administer it directly into the cat's mouth, in certain cases you can do this. For example, a lot of cats are hand fed or there is a multiple cat household. We suggest that you give half the recommended dosage at one time and give the other half, a minute later. This will help with the digestion of the product if given directly.